Energy rated windows

Installing energy efficient windows can vastly improve the energy efficiency of your home, saving you money and providing you all year round comfort.


Regulated by the British Fenestration Ratings Council ( BFRC) you can be assured that what it states on our energy label is what you are going to get.

To conform to current regulations, replacement windows must meet the minimum standard of a “C” rating or an overall “U” value of 1.6 W/m².K .


Our UPVc windows are designed to the highest standards which means that our minimum energy rating is a “B”. The sealed unit used in this window is 28mm wide, argon filled, with an aluminium spacer bar and a low ‘E’ soft coating to the internal pane. This provides a very cost effective method of achieving a high energy rating.


For the ultimate in energy efficiency without a large cost implication choose our “A” rated window. This has the addition of a thermal spacer bar, providing one of the most efficient windows in the market today.

Tilt and Turn windows

Tilt and Turn windows provide large openings, which are not possible on standard opening out casement windows. Combined with high security and elegant sight lines, it is the ideal choice for those who desire a contemporary modern design.


  • 70mm profile depth allows for the replacement of 3″ timber frames.
  • If you want to let air into your home without leaving the windows wide open, simply turn the handle once to open the top slightly.
  • Openings can be made as large as 1200mm wide by 2200mm high, without any complication.
  • With the facility of large openings they are perfect for integral blind systems.
  • Our tilt and turn windows have concealed gearing as standard, allowing for super slim sight lines.

Traditional Sash windows

Retaining the authentic heritage style of sash windows, without the draughts, rattling, stiff locks and painted in openings of traditional timber windows, PVCu sash windows are a must.


  • Our sash windows have been stylishly designed to replicate the slim slight lines and traditional styling details of timber sash windows found throughout the UK and Ireland.
  • The Heritage Deep Bottom Rail replicates the traditional timber joining detail whilst the Sculptured Glazing Beads and Georgian Bars on the inside of the window add that extra touch of authentic styling.
  • Whilst the products main focus is authenticity, the system is also capable of producing a modern more contemporary styled product with plainer and simpler design details.
  • Available in classic white and in three laminate foil options of soft cream, rich rosewood and warm golden oak as standard. Other non-standard coloured laminate options available to special order.
  • Sash window furniture is available in white , chrome and traditional authentic brass.
  • Both weather and security performance are unrivalled when compared with any other design.
  • Opening and tilting inwards for easy cleaning.

Traditional Bay windows

In keeping with the beauty and tradition of your home Farnham Double Glazing can add warmth and style, whilst maintaining your home’s traditional styling. Unlike flat windows, bay windows have to be structural in design. The majority are load bearing and careful consideration should be given to the spread of that given load.


  • Bay Windows were the popular feature to homes, pre the 1960’s right back to the 1800’s.
  • Whether your home was built in 1875 or 1965, we can reproduce, if desired the authentic replacement bay window to suit your home.
  • Utilising dummy casements, traditional authentic lead and stained glass, bay windows of the past can now be replicated to be energy efficeient and maintenace free windows of today.

Bow windows

A bow window can greatly enhance the appearance of your home, giving you added light and character. It can be designed to suit your own taste by fashioning it with your own creative input.


  •  A bow window is a conversion from a flat window to a self supporting variable angle multi segment window. Typically with an angle of 165°.
  • All bow windows have insulated roofs and bases. Choose the depth of bow and window board to suit your home.
  • Extend your room with depth and light with a modern styled bow window.
  • A popular choice for bow windows is bevelled glazed fanlights.


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