Composite and UPVC Front Doors

All PVC-u Door systems are manufactured in the same way. It is the way that they are designed that makes them individual. A front door can either be a single door, door and side panel combination or porch. Utilising a choice of materials, UPVc or composite, the individual style and look is endless.


Composite Door Specification

  • You can choose from seven door leaf colours to the outside; white, black, blue, red, green, oak, dark wood, and three frame colours white, rosewood, oak. All of which can be configured with gold, chrome, satin a black hardware.
  • To give great definition and long life performance composite doors use glass reinforced plastic skins. Water and weatherproof; GRP is not prone to significant expansion and contraction as the temperature varies with the weather. GRP doors will therefore never warp or twist.
  • Fitted with a secure by design claw lock as standard and traditional sleek butt hinges.

UPVc Door Specification

  • Fully sculptured with low line co-extruded gaskets. Fully adjustable flag hinge and high specification secured by design claw lock.
  • Reinforced with galvanised steel.
  • Choice of thresholds, including disabled access.
  • Style your door with a wide choice of PVCu panels and glass designs.

PVC French Doors

Beautiful, elegant and inviting, uPVC French doors from Farnham Double Glazing ( also known as double doors) are available in all sizes and can be glazed in any manner. They are traditionally used as a like for like replacement, in a back or front door situation, but are often used in a combination frame or conservatory design.


  • Dual handles with keyed alike cylinders as standard.
  • The main opening door is fitted with a secure by design lock with additional shoot bolt locking. The occasional slave door is also fitted with a concealed shootbolt locking system.
  • Utilising the latest glass technology our French Doors are, energy efficient, fully sealed to keep your home warm, quiet and draught-free.
  • Available in white, rosewood, and golden oak.

UPVc Sliding Patio Doors

This stylishly conventional Patio door from Farnham Double Glazing will grace any home, adding light and freedom in all situations, whether as a traditional patio door, entrance door or in a conservatory


  • 70mm frame
  • 2, 3 and 4 pane options available.
  • Internally beaded to provide additional security.
  • Double brush seals on all four sides ensures excellent sealing properties.
  • The use of an aluminium running track ensures smooth opening and closing for long term performance.
  • The system is able to accommodate adjustable tandem rollers and has a high security 4 point claw lock.
  • Profile availability in White, Rosewood, Oak and special RAL colours..

Folding Sliding BiFold Doors

Open up your view with a modern stylish Folding Sliding Door. Available in UPVc or Aluminium, cleared openings of up to 6.5 m in width can be achieved.


UPVc Folding Doors

  • Available in five colours, white, rosewood, oak, rosewood on white and oak on white.
  • Secured by design claw lock and shoot bolt locking. Maximum individual door sash with is 900mm by 2400mm.
  • Choice of white, gold, satin and chrome furniture.

Aluminium Folding Doors

  • Available in any standard RAL colour, the most popular being white, grey and black.
  • Secured by design claw lock or a choice of integral locking with modern matching low line handles. Maximum individual door sash width is 1000mm by 2500mm.
  • Choice of white, gold, brushed steel, grey and black furniture.


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